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Mazhlekov Artfund was created to support Creative projects that bring inspiration and unity to people all around the world and to share the Primordial Knowledge which is the fondament of Spiritually creative society. In this hard times we need more than ever to realise that only spiritual and creative freedom of every personality give us real chance to survive like civilisation. If you are not indifferent to our aspiration, you can support our cause by purchasing beautiful paintings and drawings of the artist Viktor Mazhlekov. His artworks are one of the best in the area of surreal and abstract painting, drawing and watercolors. All funds goes to the projects we support.

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Viktor Mazhlekov is a contemporary artist born in 1979 in Bulgaria. His unusual style, which he calls astral postrealism, has evolved with its uncommon atmosphere, forms, and colours. The artist uses a unique technique, which is extremely time-consuming, so usually just a few paintings can be made per year. His art is popular all over the world, and his artworks are kept in many private collections.

The author was born with powerful creative potential. His favorite creative areas are Painting, Animation and Game design. His artworks are charged with positive energy which definitely affects the viewer and brings him inner joy and love.