Projects we Support

Any project in our list is carefully selected and fit our main goals. We strive to help people in their creative, aesthetic, spiritual and moral self development. By our opinion, art is one ot the main keys, helping to every Personality to reveal it’s full potential.


Dabado - puzzle RPG with positiwe mood

“Dabado” is a Puzzle RPG game with unique hand made art created by Viktor Mazhlekov. It provides interesting gameplay, unique artistic style and philosophical storyline. The game is capapble to give something valuable to any person. Our philosophy is that the game is more than just a fun, it’s invaluable tool, helping young people to learn and develop them selves like a humans with strong moral, creative and spiritual values. You can visit the website at:



“International Public Movement AllatRa” is an association of active, honest, and friendly people. Today, participants of the movement are implementing a vast number of large-scale projects in different areas. The projects are being accomplished by the world’s best volunteer experts from various walks of life who are not indifferent to the future of our civilization and who develop their professional and creative potential for the benefit of the whole humanity. We are outside of politics and outside of religion. Our motto is “Good in Action!” You can visit the website at:


Artshareon project

“ArtShareOn” is art Wikipedia where creative people share their High Quality artworks with you. All art pieces are free to download, but only for personal use. Our greatest wish is to inspire You. You can visit the website at:


Portals project

Project “Portals” reveals an amazing journey of a human soul striving for perfection. The project kindles imagination and creative spark in the viewer, which leads to raising awareness and spiritual evolution. You can visit the website at: