About Us

About Us

The Mazhlekov Artfund was established in 2016 by artist Viktor Mazhlekov. It is designed as a platform with the mission to support projects in the realm of art, culture, moral development of personality, education and innovative and interactive technologies that provide peoples around the world with the means to gain knowledge, to cultivate their natural human virtues and to join their hands on the basis of creative and spiritual values.


The main activity of the Mazhlekov Artfund is to inspire every self-seeking person through the aesthetics of fine arts and to share the Primordial Knowledge with people.


We realize that today’s society has significantly diverged from the path of harmonious coexistence of man and man as well as man and nature. The moral breakdown of┬áthe┬áhumanity is more than obvious. However, everything can be put right again! The important thing is for people to realize the situation they are in and begin to work actively towards restoring their morality. It’s the Artfund that guarantees a sustainable, harmonious, and meaningful life.

We believe that creativity in all its varieties and the longstanding knowledge of the real nature of people and the world they live in are able to transform the situation. Moreover, knowledge and creativity are invaluable tools which can help each individual to find the meaning of their life. The mission of Mazhlekov Artfund is to do everything possible to achieve these goals.


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All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
The choice of every individual draws their own future and the choice of all – our common. Let’s take an active part in sowing goodness, so that we can gather its wonderful fruits later.

About Us
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