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The books we present in the library could be rightly called a sensation; because, the information they contain allows everyone, not only to expand his knowledge about the world and himself, but, also to reveal the path to creative growth and spiritual liberation. So. These books are an outstretched hand for everyone.

“AllatRa” – Anastasia Novykh

AllatRa bookBook “AllatRa” is the ABSOLUTE BESTSELLER of the 21st century!!!
The past, present and future of the whole civilization is contained within its pages. This invaluable pearl of Primordial Knowledge reveal lot of the secrets of the material world. The Knowledge of life and death, the nature of human soul; also, Soul is the most precious in a Human being. The structure of Universe. What is the System of Animal Mind. Sensations in science. The meaning of a person’s spiritual development. Ancient spiritual practices and meditations. Society of the future, free of politicians and priests. Active signs. What happens after death of the physical body. Also, many others…


“Sensei I” – Anastasia Novykh

Sensei I. The Primordial of Shambala“Sensei of Shambala” is very unusual book, and since you read it, you can feel an inspiration and rising of the spirit. Besides it’s universality, the book is actual for every age in the full sense of the word! In addition, everybody finds his answers for the innermost and personal questions. This book reveals a unique world filled with valuable knowledge. It awakens huge spiritual forces in human souls and helps to resist the difficulties and the injustice of this world. In short, the book fills one’s life with inmost sense, love, inspiration and changes the destiny for the better.


“Sensei II” – Anastasia Novykh

Sensei II. The Primordial of ShambalaThe unusual adventures of the guys, amazing philosophy of Sensei and his phenomenal demonstrations. A story by Sensei about the Unmercenary Healer – Agapit Pecherski. The famous Saint of Kievan Rus whose miracle-working relics are still kept in Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. In the book you will read also the parable of the Bodhisattva. It amazes with its wisdom, that reveals the eternal aspirations of human soul. The book contain this and many other facts. It bestows the reader with another world-view about the history and eternal questions of the humankind.


“Sensei III” – Anastasia Novykh

Sensei III. The Primordial of ShambalaA very unusual book, which compel with its non-typical style compared to the previous books. But it’s still a continuation of “Sensei of Shambala” and “Sensei of Shambala. Book II”. It depictures Ariman, an ‘occasional’ and very rich guest of the tent camp of the guys. His philosophy and life views are completely opposite to the ones of Sensei. However, it covers under the image of Ariman a whole range of material values, which predominate in wishes of most of people. When reading the book, you don’t understand why people are given such hidden details of the ‘reverse’ side of life which is known only to handful people, but not the best part of the humankind. At the end of the book you understand its deep meaning hidden by the author. In short, amazing book, which lifts a veil of illusions from people’s eyes!


“Sensei IV” – Anastasia Novykh

Sensei IV. The Primordial of ShambalaWho and how does rule the world? Unique historical facts revealing the truth about today’s world events. Why do global wars, crisis, and other world events take place and who benefits from them? Fascinating story by the main character Sensei about backstage secrets of this world. Interesting and informative facts, about life and true deeds by many outstanding personalities, world mythology of peoples, history of states, religions… Striking information about the secret power of the Grail. The teachings of Imhotep. Unknown information about the life of Jesus. The creation of Templars organisation and many others.


“Ezoosmos” – Anastasia Novykh

EzoosmosHidden reality is present in every day in the human society. Cognition of its secrets helps a human not only to gain experience of existence in this world but to make a step in studying of his own essence… A lot of so-called human diseases, sudden depressive states, suicide attempts, accidents, murders are often a consequence of activities of hidden forces. Once there were people who actively resisted them protecting people on the other side of reality. The scale of Good and Evil is in hands of a human himself. His ezoosmos predetermines everything.


“Birds and a Stone” – Anastasia Novykh

Birds and a StoneThree captivating stories of this book: “Duty”, “Everything is so simple” and “Birds and a stone” tell about unusual people who reconsider their life values. All these people are united by a legendary personality of Sensei. Interesting facts about a human from the point of view both: modern science and ancient civilizations. Amazing information how thoughts are “born” and how to control them. Interesting information about “Jesus’ Prayer”, Saint Agapit, the Elder Antony. Also many useful information for those who are on the spiritual way and strive to become Humans!


“Predictions of the Future and Truth about the Past and the Present” – Anastasia Novykh

Predictions of the Future and Truth about the Past and the PresentThe latest developments in the world – world economic crisis and geopolitical changes – set every person thinking about the cause of their origin. Putting together fragments of news in a joint mosaic of the on-going process, one may come to a conclusion: Behind all this disorder and rapid changes there are powers, certain people, who possess the largest share of the world capital and whose names are not public. However, they are the ‘puppeteers’ of the world billionaires who decided to provoke world destructive activities on the planet. Who they are, the history of their existence, what are their plans, methods and approaches of manipulating the masses. This information is presented in the books by A. Novykh. The “world elite” is merely a tiny group of people, compared to the humanity. After all they are only able to plan. However, the future now is in hands of every human!


“Spiritual Practices and Meditations” – Anastasia Novykh

Spiritual Practices and MeditationsSimple meditations by Anastasia Novykh, offered in this broshure, are easy for everybody, even for those, who have never tried meditations or spiritual practices. Their effectiveness will be also interesting for those, who have been self-improving his phenomenal abilities for long and seriously. And of course, these spiritual practices are a unique source for those, searching their spiritual way. And finally the practices allow to every practitioner to understand his true multi-layer structure, to reach the divine spiritual berry called – Soul.


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